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Ali Sarkhosh, Alimohammad Yavari, Louise Ferguson
The Fig : Botany, Production and Uses
CAB International, 2022
Anthony J Biddle
Peas and Beans
CAB International, 2017
Benhur Dayakar Rao, N G Malleshi, George A Annor, Jagannath Vishnu Patil
Millets Value Chain for Nutritional Security : A Replicable Success Model From India
CAB International, 2016
Dennis B Egli
Applied Crop Physiology : Understanding the Fundamentals of Grain Crop Management
CAB International, 2021
Gadi V P Reddy
Integrated Management of Insect Pests on Canola and Other Brassica Oilseed Crops
CAB International, 2017
Graham A. Matthews, Thomas A. Miller
Pest Management in Cotton : A Global Perspective
CAB International, 2022
Iraz Haspolat Kaya, Author
Genetically Modified Organisms and Regulations Concerning Biotechnological Products
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
James E. Faust, John Dole
Cut Flowers and Foliages
CAB International, 2021
Jean-Vasile, Anil, Popescu, Gabriel
Agricultural Management Strategies in a Changing Economy
IGI Global, 2015
John R. Lazier, Nazeer Ahmad
Tropical Forage Legumes : Harnessing the Potential of Desmanthus and Other Genera for Heavy Clay Soils
CAB International, 2016
Keith S Delaplane
Crop Pollination by Bees, Volume 1 : Evolution, Ecology, Conservation, and Management
CAB International, 2021
Londhe, Sunil
Sustainable Potato Production and the Impact of Climate Change
Information Science Reference, 2017
Lynette Morgan
Hydroponics and Protected Cultivation : A Practical Guide
CAB International, 2021
Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Barbara Hawrylak-Nowak, Tofazzal Islam, Masayuki Fujita
Biostimulants for Crop Production and Sustainable Agriculture
CAB International, 2022
Mohammad Anwar Hossain, Mobashwer Alam, Saman Seneweera, Sujay Rakshit, Robert J Henry
Molecular Breeding in Wheat, Maize and Sorghum : Strategies for Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance and Yield
CAB International, 2021
Moshe A Flaishman, Uygun Aksoy
Advances in Fig Research and Sustainable Production
CAB International, 2022
N. Pradeep, Sandeep Kautish, C.R. Nirmala, Vishal Goyal, Sonia Abdellatif
Modern Techniques for Agricultural Disease Management and Crop Yield Prediction
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, James Kaufman, Kenneth Zahringer
Economics of Soybean Disease Control, The
CAB International, 2019
Noa Kekuewa Lincoln
Kō : An Ethnobotanical Guide to Hawaiian Sugarcane Cultivars
University of Hawaii Press, 2020
Nur D Laksono, Umi Setiawati, Fazrin Nur, Miranti Rahmaningsih, Yassier Anwar, Heru Rusfiandi, Eben Haeser Sembiring, Brian P Forster, Avasarala Sreenivasa Subbarao, Hafni Zahara
Nursery Practices in Oil Palm : A Manual
CAB International, 2019
Pius Z Yanda, Claude G Mung'ong'o, Edmund B Mabhuye
Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability : Ecosystems of Tanzania
CAB International, 2020
Pradip Chandra Deka
Molecular Plant Breeding and Genome Editing Tools for Crop Improvement
Engineering Science Reference, 2021
Qin Zhang
Automation in Tree Fruit Production : Principles and Practice
CAB International, 2017
Qin Zhang
Precision Agriculture Technology for Crop Farming
CRC Press, 2016
Ravindra Soni, Deep Chandra Suyal, Reeta Goel
Plant Protection : From Chemicals to Biologicals
De Gruyter, 2022
Richard P. Oliver, Janna L Beckerman
Fungicides in Practice
CAB International, 2022
Shouhua Wang
Diagnosing Hemp and Cannabis Crop Diseases
CAB International, 2021
Sisir Mitra
Papaya, The : Botany, Production and Uses
CAB International, 2020
Tariq Ahmad Bhat, Editor
Mutagenesis, Cytotoxicity and Crop Improvement: Revolutionizing Food Science
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Tatjana Brankov, Koviljko Lovre
GM Food Systems and Their Economic Impact
CAB International, 2018
Vincent Lebot
Tropical Root and Tuber Crops : Cassava, Sweet Potato, Yams and Aroids
CAB International, 2019