Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability : Ecosystems of Tanzania
Pius Z Yanda, Claude G Mung'ong'o, Edmund B Mabhuye

This book provides a detailed analysis of the economic and environmental impacts of climate change on the tropical ecosystems in Tanzania. Topics covered include agriculture, marine resources, wildlife, and weather forecasting. The analyses concentrate on real and potential impacts of climate change, focusing on changes in temperature and precipitation. Adaptive capacity and strategies for enhancing resilience (such as changing crop types and crop patterns in farming) are described. Particular attention is paid to climate change impacts on vulnerability and resilience in communities and ecosystems with special reference to extreme events such as droughts and flooding. The book: is among the first books to analyse in detail climate change effects in Tanzania, highlighting the unique vulnerability of communities and ecosystems in East Africa from a socio-ecological point of view. discusses potential future threats as well as providing solutions to current problems. examines the application of local knowledge systems when formulating solutions. The book is essential reading for researchers on climate change and socio-economic impacts in tropical rural economies and of broad interest to climate change scientists, tropical ecologists, conservationists and agricultural scientists.

CAB International
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