Peas and Beans
Anthony J Biddle

This practical book provides an accessible overview of all aspects of pea and bean production, including botany and physiology, breeding, agronomy, weed management, pests and diseases, harvesting, nutritional value and uses. It also reflects on the constraints and opportunities in the future for peas and beans, exploring their role in food sustainability and crop rotation, and various factors affecting supply and demand such as climate change and breeding technologies. Peas and beans are crops of economic, social and agronomic importance and this volume provides the specialist knowledge needed to ensure good quality standards are met. It includes: · coverage of the main types of peas and beans grown on a significant scale or commercially produced in large area farming; · key information relating to the role of peas and beans in biological nitrogen fixation; · extensive coverage from the technology of cultivation to postharvest industry; and · high-quality photos, presented in full colour throughout. Authored by a recognized authority with extensive experience in applied research, this book is an ideal resource for practical agronomists, advisors and producers, extension workers, horticulture students and all those involved in the production of peas and beans.

CAB International
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