Mutagenesis, Cytotoxicity and Crop Improvement: Revolutionizing Food Science
Tariq Ahmad Bhat, Editor

Induced mutagenesis is a common and promising method for the screening of new crops with improved production methods, and has made a tremendous contribution to crop improvement. Now, as the techniques of molecular biology become more widely adopted by plant breeders, this comprehensive summary sets mutation breeding within a contemporary context and relates it to other breeding techniques. This book opens a new chapter of inducing mutations at the gene level, and details techniques that can be used to harvest and exploit such mutation to improve the productivity of crops, particularly cereals, grains and vegetables. The chapters within this volume are supported by diagrams, tables and graphs to make the content more comprehensible. The book will be extremely useful for advanced undergraduates, graduates, postgraduate students, and research scientists of botany, agriculture, horticulture, genetics, biotechnology, biochemistry and agronomy.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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