Hydroponics and Protected Cultivation : A Practical Guide
Lynette Morgan

A comprehensive, practical text which covers a diverse range of hydroponic and protected cropping techniques, systems, greenhouse types and environments. It also details the use of indoor plant factories, vertical systems, organic hydroponics and aquaponics. Worldwide hydroponic cropping operations can vary from large, corporate producers running many hectares of greenhouse systems particularly for crops such as tomato, cucumber, capsicum and lettuce, to smaller-scale growers growing fresh produce for local markets. Included in this book: Detailed technical information to help growers and students to design and run their own hydroponic operations. In-depth research to explain the factors that influence plant growth, produce quality, post-harvest life and hydroponic plant nutrition. New advances such as the use of organic nutrients and substrates, completely enclosed indoor plant factories and the growing number of small-scale, non-commercial applications. Hydroponics and Protected Cultivation is fully illustrated with colour images and photographs to illustrate key topics and help identify problem areas. It is suitable for growers, researchers and students in horticulture.

CAB International
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