Fungicides in Practice
Richard P. Oliver, Janna L Beckerman

This is an up-to-date guide on the science and practice of disease control based on fungicides in horticulture and broad acre agriculture. It describes how conventional, organic and biological fungicides are discovered, how they work and how resistance evolves. Chapters on formulation, mode of action, mobility and application inform decisions about which fungicides to use, when to use them, and how to rotate (or tank-mix) them, to manage both plant disease and fungicide resistance. A chapter on experimental design of fungicide trials aids practitioners in designing their own trials to evaluate how effective products are for their plant disease problem. Based on the successful 2014 book of Fungicides in Crop Protection this edition has four entirely new chapters, and extensive updates to the other nine chapters. The contents include: · Fungicide markets, discovery and performance. · Modes of action and spectrum. · Biological crop protection, and organic cultivation. · Fungicide formulation, mobility and application. · Experimental design of fungicide trials and their analysis. · Fungicide resistance. · Legislation and regulation. Written for crop protection professionals and scientists, growers, agronomists and consultants, the book is also suitable for students of agriculture and agronomy.

CAB International
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