Millets Value Chain for Nutritional Security : A Replicable Success Model From India
Benhur Dayakar Rao, N G Malleshi, George A Annor, Jagannath Vishnu Patil

This book demonstrates a successful and sustainable model for value addition to millets from production to consumption. Within the work the authors outline practical interventions to revive the demand for millets as a convenient and nutritive option for consumers, whilst presenting a reliable model that can be adapted for the development of other commodities. Based on practical experience and the output of a National Agricultural Innovation Project, Millets Value Chain for Nutritional Security: A Replicable Success Model from India explores the development of an integrated approach to value addition to millets. All phases of the model are covered, including chapters on: · nutritional evaluation · on-farm cultivation · intervention in food processing · entrepreneurship development · commercialization · popularization and policy sensitization. The development of successful value chains to revive demand for traditional cereals such as millets plays an important role in ensuring health and nutrition security in India. As such, this book is an invaluable resource for researchers and advanced students in the fields of agriculture, food science and business management, in addition to policy makers, manufacturers and breeders.

CAB International
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