Diagnosing Hemp and Cannabis Crop Diseases
Shouhua Wang

Hemp and cannabis, both belonging to Cannabis sativa, have emerged as some of the most valuable crops because of their multiple functionalities - industrial, medicinal, and recreational uses. Like all other crops, they are at risk of diseases and pests. In certain cases, an entire hemp field can fail due to unexpected disease. As a new and highly regulated crop, research on Cannabis crop diseases is scarce, and the science of plant diagnostics is not well covered in the literature. Taking hemp/cannabis as a model crop, the book illustrates how to diagnose a disease problem and how to manage it effectively. It presents real disease cases encountered during crop production, and explains methods of diagnosis, both in the field and in the lab, in order to find out the cause(s). The book provides: ·A field and laboratory guide to diagnosing hemp and cannabis diseases and pest problems ·Ready-to-adopt skills, methods and protocols in plant diagnosis, which can be applied to other crops ·Over 300 colour photographs accompanied by a wealth of disease information, including field observations, unique symptoms, microscopic details, and molecular data. This book is essential for anyone who is interested in learning about Cannabis crop diseases, for crops grown in the field, and in indoor production facilities.

CAB International
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