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Adrian Pruteanu
Becoming the Hacker : The Playbook for Getting Inside the Mind of the Attacker
Packt Publishing, 2019
Ajay Singh Chauhan
Practical Network Scanning : Capture Network Vulnerabilities Using Standard Tools Such As Nmap and Nessus
Packt Publishing, 2018
Davey Gibian
Hacking Artificial Intelligence : A Leader's Guide From Deepfakes to Breaking Deep Learning
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2022
Devjani Sen, Rukhsana Ahmed
Privacy Concerns Surrounding Personal Information Sharing on Health and Fitness Mobile Apps
Information Science Reference, 2021
Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, Milad Aslaner
Hands-On Cybersecurity for Finance : Identify Vulnerabilities and Secure Your Financial Services From Security Breaches
Packt Publishing, 2019
Geetha, S., Phamila, Asnath Victy
Countering Cyber Attacks and Preserving the Integrity and Availability of Critical Systems
Information Science Reference, 2019
Gerard Johansen
Digital Forensics and Incident Response : Incident Response Techniques and Procedures to Respond to Modern Cyber Threats, 2nd Edition
Packt Publishing, 2020
IGI Global, Information Resources Management Association
Developing Safer Online Environments for Children : Tools and Policies for Combatting Cyber Aggression
Information Science Reference, 2020
Information Resources Management Association
Cyber Security and Threats : Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Information Science Reference, 2018
Jessa Lingel
The Gentrification of the Internet : How to Reclaim Our Digital Freedom
University of California Press, 2021
Joshi, R. C., IGI Global, Gupta, Brij
Security, Privacy, and Forensics Issues in Big Data
Information Science Reference, 2020
Khosrow-Pour, Mehdi, IGI Global
Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in System Security, Information Privacy, and Forensics
Information Science Reference, 2019
Maria Tzanou
Personal Data Protection and Legal Developments in the European Union
Information Science Reference, 2019
Matthew Beckstrom, Brady Lund
Casting Light on the Dark Web : A Guide for Safe Exploration
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2019
Nabie Y. Conteh
Ethical Hacking Techniques and Countermeasures for Cybercrime Prevention
Information Science Reference, 2021
Nirbhay Kumar Chaubey, Bhavesh B. Prajapati
Quantum Cryptography and the Future of Cyber Security
Information Science Reference, 2020
Parag Chatterjee, Emmanuel Benoist, Asoke Nath
Applied Approach to Privacy and Security for the Internet of Things
Information Science Reference, 2020
Regner Sabillon
Cyber Security Auditing, Assurance, and Awareness Through CSAM and CATRAM
Information Science Reference, 2021
Sagar Rahalkar
Network Vulnerability Assessment : Identify Security Loopholes in Your Network’s Infrastructure
Packt Publishing, 2018
Scott Donaldson, Chris Williams, Stanley Siegel
Understanding Security Issues
De|G Press, 2019
Winfred Yaokumah, Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, Jamal-Deen Abdulai, Isaac Wiafe, Ferdinand Apietu Katsriku
Modern Theories and Practices for Cyber Ethics and Security Compliance
Information Science Reference, 2020