Applied Approach to Privacy and Security for the Internet of Things
Parag Chatterjee, Emmanuel Benoist, Asoke Nath

From transportation to healthcare, IoT has been heavily implemented into practically every professional industry, making these systems highly susceptible to security breaches. Because IoT connects not just devices but also people and other entities, every component of an IoT system remains vulnerable to attacks from hackers and other unauthorized units. This clearly portrays the importance of security and privacy in IoT, which should be strong enough to keep the entire platform and stakeholders secure and smooth enough to not disrupt the lucid flow of communication among IoT entities. Applied Approach to Privacy and Security for the Internet of Things is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applied aspects of security in IoT-based systems by discussing core concepts and studying real-life scenarios. While highlighting topics including malware propagation, smart home vulnerabilities, and bio-sensor safety, this book is ideally designed for security analysts, software security engineers, researchers, computer engineers, data scientists, security professionals, practitioners, academicians, and students seeking current research on the various aspects of privacy and security within IoT.

Information Science Reference
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