Developing Safer Online Environments for Children : Tools and Policies for Combatting Cyber Aggression
IGI Global, Information Resources Management Association

As the digital world assumes an ever-increasing role in the daily lives of the public, opportunities to engage in crimes increase as well. The prevention of cyber aggression is an ongoing challenge due to its multifaceted nature and the difficulties in realizing effective interventions. The consequences of cyber aggression can range from emotional and psychological distress to death by suicide or homicide. Enduring prevention programs need to be defined and take into consideration that the digital revolution changes the way and the meaning of interpersonal relationships. Developing Safer Online Environments for Children: Tools and Policies for Combatting Cyber Aggression explores the effects of cyberbullying and cyberstalking on children and examines solutions that can identify and prevent online harassment through both policy and legislation reform and technological tools. Highlighting a range of topics such as cyberbullying, fake profile identification, and victimization, this publication is an ideal reference source for policymakers, educators, principals, school counsellors, therapists, government officials, politicians, lawmakers, academicians, administrators, and researchers.

Information Science Reference
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