Practical Network Scanning : Capture Network Vulnerabilities Using Standard Tools Such As Nmap and Nessus
Ajay Singh Chauhan

Get more from your network by securing its infrastructure and increasing its effectivenessKey FeaturesLearn to choose the best network scanning toolset for your systemImplement different concepts of network scanning such as port scanning and OS detectionAdapt a practical approach to securing your networkBook DescriptionNetwork scanning is the process of assessing a network to identify an active host network; same methods can be used by an attacker or network administrator for security assessment. This procedure plays a vital role in risk assessment programs or while preparing a security plan for your organization.Practical Network Scanning starts with the concept of network scanning and how organizations can benefit from it. Then, going forward, we delve into the different scanning steps, such as service detection, firewall detection, TCP/IP port detection, and OS detection. We also implement these concepts using a few of the most prominent tools on the market, such as Nessus and Nmap. In the concluding chapters, we prepare a complete vulnerability assessment plan for your organization. By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience in performing network scanning using different tools and in choosing the best tools for your system.What you will learnAchieve an effective security posture to design security architectures Learn vital security aspects before moving to the CloudLaunch secure applications with Web Application Security and SQL InjectionExplore the basics of threat detection/response/ mitigation with important use casesLearn all about integration principles for PKI and tips to secure itDesign a WAN infrastructure and ensure security over a public WANWho this book is forIf you are a security professional who is responsible for securing an organization's infrastructure, then this book is for you.

Packt Publishing
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