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Ann-Marie Wilmot, Canute Sylvester Thompson
Handbook of Research on Activating Middle Executives’ Agency to Lead and Manage During Times of Crisis
Business Science Reference, 2022
Bedford, Denise A. D.
Strategic Management of Business-Critical Information Assets
Business Science Reference, 2019
Carlton Brown, Uzoechi Nwagbara
Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Market Positioning for Organizational Success
Business Science Reference, 2019
Carolina Machado, J. Paulo Davim
Creativity Models for Innovation in Management and Engineering
Business Science Reference, 2022
Dinçer, Hasan, Yuksel, Serhat
Handbook of Research on Managerial Thinking in Global Business Economics
Business Science Reference, 2019
Fatma Ince
International Perspectives and Strategies for Managing an Aging Workforce
Business Science Reference, 2022
Fields, Ziska, Huesig, Stefan
Responsible, Sustainable, and Globally Aware Management in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Business Science Reference, 2019
Ivonne Chirino-Klevans
Cases on Global Leadership in the Contemporary Economy
Business Science Reference, 2019
Jiuping Xu, Author
Developments in Management Science in Engineering 2018: Perspectives from Scientific Journals
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Kamaljeet Sandhu
Digital Innovations for Customer Engagement, Management, and Organizational Improvement
Business Science Reference, 2020
Lopez-Fernandez, Macarena, Romero-Fernandez, Pedro M.
Managerial Competencies for Multinational Businesses
Business Science Reference, 2019
Luísa Cagica Carvalho, Nuno Teixeira, Pedro Pardal
Interdisciplinary and Practical Approaches to Managerial Education and Training
Business Science Reference, 2022
Luisa Dall'Acqua
Computational Thinking for Problem Solving and Managerial Mindset Training
Business Science Reference, 2021
Mahazan Abdul Mutalib, Ahmad Rafiki
The Role of Islamic Spirituality in the Management and Leadership Process
Business Science Reference, 2021
Mark Granovetter
Society and Economy : Framework and Principles
Belknap Press, 2017
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A
Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in Business Operations and Management
Business Science Reference, 2019
Normore, Anthony H., Javidi, Mitch, Long, Larry W.
Handbook of Research on Strategic Communication, Leadership, and Conflict Management in Modern Organizations
Business Science Reference, 2019
Peter Smith, Tom Cockburn
Global Business Leadership Development for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Business Science Reference, 2020
Qaiser Rafique Yasser, Abdullah Al-Mamun
Transforming Corporate Governance and Developing Models for Board Effectiveness
Business Science Reference, 2021
Sara Fazzin
Advancing Skill Development for Business Managers in Industry 4.0 : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Business Science Reference, 2020
Tunc, Aysegul Ozbebek, Aslan, Pinar
Business Management and Communication Perspectives in Industry 4.0
Business Science Reference, 2020
Venkatesh Narayanamurti, Jeffrey Y. Tsao
The Genesis of Technoscientific Revolutions : Rethinking the Nature and Nurture of Research
Harvard University Press, 2021