Interdisciplinary and Practical Approaches to Managerial Education and Training
Luísa Cagica Carvalho, Nuno Teixeira, Pedro Pardal

In the last decades, the development of innovative practices has gained considerable interest. New generations of students have grown up in a very different environment from their predecessors, one influenced by information and communications technology (ICT). In a globalized world, ICT is changing the way businesses create and capture value, how and where we work, and how we interact and communicate. Thus, some of the traditional teaching methods are rapidly becoming obsolete and unattractive to the new generation of students. Despite the increase in the development of new teaching approaches in recent years, relevant questions related to learning objectives, suitable methodologies, and impact assessment remain unanswered. Interdisciplinary and Practical Approaches to Managerial Education and Training addresses the best practices, laboratory methods, policies, protocols, and practical approaches to managerial education and training. Covering a wide range of topics such as training programs, teacher education, and online learning, it is ideal for academics, university teachers, researchers, students, public and private institutions, and professionals in managerial training education.

Business Science Reference
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