Advancing Skill Development for Business Managers in Industry 4.0 : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Sara Fazzin

As technology grows more effective and refined, businesses and organizations are increasingly taking advantage by automating processes that were once presided over by human workers. As businesses explore the benefits of machine learning, research is necessary to examine the effects of the integration of technology to human workplaces. Advancing Skill Development for Business Managers in Industry 4.0: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential publication that examines Industry 4.0 and the important technological applications that revolutionize and disrupt modern organizations, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and programming languages, such as Python, to contextualize big data in business and frame the skills necessary for a high-performing modern workforce. The book provides a conceptual framework, analysis, and discussion of the issues concerning organizational behavior through the lens of organizational culture and emotions. Covering topics that include data-driven organizations, the digital business models, and leadership techniques, this book is ideally designed for managers, executives, IT specialists, computer engineers, data scientists, researchers, academicians, and students.

Business Science Reference
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