Global Business Leadership Development for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Peter Smith, Tom Cockburn

As the world has adapted to the age of digital technology, present day business leaders are required to change with the times as well. Addressing and formatting their business practices to not only encompass digital technologies, but expand their capabilities, the leaders of today must be flexible and willing to familiarize themselves with all types of global business practices. Global Business Leadership Development for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a collection of advanced research on the methods and tactics utilized to succeed as a leader in the digital age. While highlighting topics including data privacy, corporate governance, and risk management, this book is ideally designed for business professionals, administrators, managers, executives, researchers, academicians, and business students who want to improve their understanding of the strategic role of digital technologies in the global economy, in networks and organizations, in teams and work groups, in information systems, and at the level of individuals as actors in digitally networked environments

Business Science Reference
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