Strategic Management of Business-Critical Information Assets
Bedford, Denise A. D.

Information management is the practice of managing information assets to ensure organizations realize their value and minimize their liabilities. The failure rate of individuals in information management positions is high, as is the risk to organizations that do not manage their business-critical information. Managing information as a capital asset means a radical shift in how both the business and the information professionals manage information by putting information assets front and center as a core business function rather than a backroom or support operation. Strategic Management of Business-Critical Information Assets is an essential research book that highlights key issues, explains concepts and consequences, and shares common experience and examples to help guide an organization through the transformation process of organizing and managing their information assets strategically. Highlighting topics such as cost management, information cultures, and security, this book is ideally designed for business professionals, information practitioners, information policy advocates, enterprise architects, managers, tech professionals, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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