Handbook of Research on Activating Middle Executives’ Agency to Lead and Manage During Times of Crisis
Ann-Marie Wilmot, Canute Sylvester Thompson

The role of lead executives is demanding under normal circumstances, but more so during times of institutional crisis. The existence of ongoing internal organizational crises plus crises triggered by external events and shocks requires that leaders and managers be equipped with the tools to manage such crises. Therefore, further study is required that considers the difficulties of leading various organizations as well as best practices for future management. The Handbook of Research on Activating Middle Executives'Agency to Lead and Manage During Times of Crisis is a comprehensive reference source that offers practical applications, tools, and skills to equip middle leaders to meaningfully participate in crisis management and resolution in institutions for improved outcomes and discusses a multi-pronged framework for building middle leaders'crisis response efficacies. The book also invites top-tier educational and industry practitioners to reflect on how they have led during times of crisis. Covering topics such as mentoring, coping strategies, and sustainable development, this major reference work is ideal for educational leaders, managers, business owners, human resource professionals, scholars, researchers, academicians, instructors, and students.

Business Science Reference
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