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A.M. Viswa Bharathy, Basim Alhadidi
Challenges and Risks Involved in Deploying 6G and NextGen Networks
Information Science Reference, 2022
Aditya Mukherjee
Network Security Strategies : Protect Your Network and Enterprise Against Advanced Cybersecurity Attacks and Threats
Packt Publishing, 2020
Ajay Singh Chauhan
Practical Network Scanning : Capture Network Vulnerabilities Using Standard Tools Such As Nmap and Nessus
Packt Publishing, 2018
Ana Pego
Handbook of Research on Digital Innovation and Networking in Post-COVID-19 Organizations
Business Science Reference, 2022
Chintan Bhatt, Neeraj Kumar, Ali Kashif Bashir, Mamoun Alazab
Implementing Data Analytics and Architectures for Next Generation Wireless Communications
Information Science Reference, 2022
Donald A. Tevault
Mastering Linux Security and Hardening : Secure Your Linux Server and Protect It From Intruders, Malware Attacks, and Other External Threats
Packt Publishing, 2018
Information Resources Management Association
Research Anthology on Developing and Optimizing 5G Networks and the Impact on Society
Information Science Reference, 2020
Jonathan Baier, Gigi Sayfan, Jesse White
The Complete Kubernetes Guide : Become an Expert in Container Management with the Power of Kubernetes
Packt Publishing, 2019
Klaus Elk
Embedded Software for the IoT
De|G Press, 2019
Oncioiu, Ionica, IGI Global
Network Security and Its Impact on Business Strategy
Business Science Reference, 2019
Sagar Rahalkar
Network Vulnerability Assessment : Identify Security Loopholes in Your Network’s Infrastructure
Packt Publishing, 2018
Sherine Mohamed Abd El-Kader, Hanan Hussein
Fundamental and Supportive Technologies for 5G Mobile Networks
Information Science Reference, 2020
Sudhir K. Routray, Sasmita Mohanty
Principles and Applications of Narrowband Internet of Things (NBIoT)
Information Science Reference, 2021
Zaid Sabih
Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch : Your Stepping Stone to Penetration Testing
Packt Publishing, 2018