Research Anthology on Developing and Optimizing 5G Networks and the Impact on Society
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As technology advances, the emergence of 5G has become an essential discussion moving forward as its applications and benefits are expected to enhance many areas of life. The introduction of 5G technology to society will improve communication speed, the efficiency of information transfer, and end-user experience to name only a few of many future improvements. These new opportunities offered by 5G networks will spread across industry, government, business, and personal user experiences leading to widespread innovation and technological advancement. What stands at the very core of 5G becoming an integral part of society is the very fact that it is expected to enrich society in a multifaceted way, enhancing connectivity and efficiency in just about every sector including healthcare, agriculture, business, and more. Therefore, it has been a critical topic of research to explore the implications of this technology, how it functions, what industries it will impact, and the challenges and solutions of its implementation into modern society. Research Anthology on Developing and Optimizing 5G Networks and the Impact on Society is a critical reference source that analyzes the use of 5G technology from the standpoint of its design and technological development to its applications in a multitude of industries. This overall view of the aspects of 5G networks creates a comprehensive book for all stages of the implementation of 5G, from early conception to application in various sectors. Topics highlighted include smart cities, wireless and mobile networks, radio access technology, internet of things, and more. This all-encompassing book is ideal for network experts, IT specialists, technologists, academicians, researchers, and students.

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