Network Security and Its Impact on Business Strategy
Oncioiu, Ionica, IGI Global

Information and communication systems are an essential component of our society, forcing us to become dependent on these infrastructures. At the same time, these systems are undergoing a convergence and interconnection process that, besides its benefits, raises specific threats to user interests. Citizens and organizations must feel safe when using cyberspace facilities in order to benefit from its advantages. Network Security and Its Impact on Business Strategy provides innovative insights into the impact of m-commerce, m-learning, and m-knowledge management technologies and the risks their usage has on different organizations, such as online stores, higher education institutions, multinational corporations, health providers, and more. Highlighting topics including cyberterrorism, smart security, and cyber ethics, this book is designed for IT and security specialists and consultants, managers and risk managers, corporations, health providers, researchers, academicians, and students.

Business Science Reference
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