Fundamental and Supportive Technologies for 5G Mobile Networks
Sherine Mohamed Abd El-Kader, Hanan Hussein

Mobile wireless communication systems have affected every aspect of life. By providing seamless connectivity, these systems enable almost all the smart devices in the world to communicate with high speed throughput and extremely low latency. The next generation of cellular mobile communications, 5G, aims to support the tremendous growth of interconnected things/devices (i.e., internet of things [IoT]) using the current technologies and extending them to be used in higher frequencies to cope with the huge number of different devices. In addition, 5G will provide massive capacity, high throughput, lower end-to-end delay, green communication, cost reduction, and extended coverage area. Fundamental and Supportive Technologies for 5G Mobile Networks provides detailed research on technologies used in 5G, their benefits, practical designs, and recent challenges and focuses on future applications that could exploit 5G network benefits. The content within this publication examines cellular communication, data transmission, and high-speed communication. It is designed for network analysts, IT specialists, industry professionals, software engineers, researchers, academicians, students, and scientists.

Information Science Reference
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