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Anchal Pathak, Shikha Rana
Transforming Human Resource Functions With Automation
Business Science Reference, 2020
Carolina Machado, J. Paulo Davim
Productivity and Organizational Management
De Gruyter, 2017
Carolyn Chen
Work Pray Code : When Work Becomes Religion in Silicon Valley
Princeton University Press, 2022
David Pedulla
Making the Cut : Hiring Decisions, Bias, and the Consequences of Nonstandard, Mismatched, and Precarious Employment
Princeton University Press, 2020
Devi Akella, Niveen Eid, Anton Sabella
Cases on Critical Practices for Modern and Future Human Resources Management
Business Science Reference, 2021
Dominic Mentor
Handbook of Research on New Media, Training, and Skill Development for the Modern Workforce
Business Science Reference, 2022
Emrah Atar, Editor
The Impact of Employees' Behaviour in the Workplace
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022
Erin L. Kelly, Phyllis Moen
Overload : How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do About It
Princeton University Press, 2021
Ethel Ndidiamaka Abe
Future of Work, Work-Family Satisfaction, and Employee Well-Being in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Business Science Reference, 2021
Fatma Ince
International Perspectives and Strategies for Managing an Aging Workforce
Business Science Reference, 2022
Fazzin, Sara, IGI Global
Emotion-Based Approaches to Personnel Management : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Business Science Reference, 2019
Information Resources Management Association
Five Generations and Only One Workforce : How Successful Businesses Are Managing a Multigenerational Workforce
Business Science Reference, 2020
Laurie Lewis
The Power of Strategic Listening
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2019
Manuel Guillen
Motivation in Organisations : Searching for a Meaningful Work-Life Balance
Routledge, 2020
Mia B. Russell, Girvin Liggans
Fired Up! : A Guide to Transforming Your Team From Burnout to Engagement
De Gruyter, 2022
Mildrend Montoya-Reyes, Ismael Mendoza-Muñoz, Gabriela Jacobo-Galicia, Samantha E. Cruz-Sotelo
Ergonomics and Business Policies for the Promotion of Well-Being in the Workplace
Business Science Reference, 2022
Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Talukdar, Carmen Z. Lamagna, Charles Carillo Villanueva, Rezbin Nahar, Farheen Hassan
Post-Pandemic Talent Management Models in Knowledge Organizations
Business Science Reference, 2022
Muhammad Waseem Bari, Muhammad Abrar, Emilia Alaverdov
Antecedents and Outcomes of Employee-Based Brand Equity
Business Science Reference, 2022
Nuno Miguel Teixeira, Joaquim Silva Ribeiro, Ana Bela Teixeira, Teresa Godinho
Management Control Systems and Tools for Internationalization Success
Business Science Reference, 2020
Paula Cristina Nunes Figueiredo, Eduardo Luís de Campos Soares Tomé, José Carlos Dias Rouco
Handbook of Research on Challenges for Human Resource Management in the COVID-19 Era
Business Science Reference, 2022
Perfecto Gatbonton Aquino Jr, Revenio Cabanilla Jalagat Jr
Navigating the New Normal of Business With Enhanced Human Resource Management Strategies
Business Science Reference, 2022
Peter Navin, David Creelman
The CMO of People : Manage Employees Like Customers
De Gruyter, 2022
Radha Yadav, Priyanka Panday, Naman Sharma
Critical Issues on Changing Dynamics in Employee Relations and Workforce Diversity
Business Science Reference, 2021
Rafael Ignacio Perez-Uribe, Carlos Largacha-Martinez, David Ocampo-Guzman
Handbook of Research on International Business and Models for Global Purpose-Driven Companies
Business Science Reference, 2021
Ramon Valle-Cabrera, Editor
Human Resource Management at the Crossroads: Challenges and Future Directions
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Robert Spillane, Jean-Etienne Joullié
Overcoming Managerialism : Power, Authority and Rhetoric at Work
De Gruyter, 2022
Roxi Bahar Hewertson
Hire Right, Fire Right : A Leader's Guide to Finding and Keeping Your Best People
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020
Sanjay Misra, Adewole Adewumi
Handbook of Research on the Role of Human Factors in IT Project Management
Business Science Reference, 2019
Scott E. Page, Earl Lewis, Nancy Cantor
The Diversity Bonus : How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy
Princeton University Press, 2019
Sharma, Naman, Chaudhary, Narendra, Singh, Vinod Kumar
Management Techniques for Employee Engagement in Contemporary Organizations
Business Science Reference, 2019
Siddhartha Bhattacharyya
Strategic Approaches for Conflict Resolution in Organizations : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Business Science Reference, 2019
Sulaiman Olusegun Atiku, Tinuke Fapohunda
Human Resource Management Practices for Promoting Sustainability
Business Science Reference, 2020
Sutha, Jayaranjani
Workforce Coaching, Mentoring, and Counseling : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Business Science Reference, 2019
Tanya Bondarouk, Sandra Fisher
Encyclopedia of Electronic HRM
De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2020
Vânia Gonçalves Costa, Andreia Antunes Moura, Maria do Rosário Mira
Handbook of Research on Human Capital and People Management in the Tourism Industry
Business Science Reference, 2021
Yvette Blount, Marianne Gloet
Anywhere Working and the Future of Work
Business Science Reference, 2021