Management Control Systems and Tools for Internationalization Success
Nuno Miguel Teixeira, Joaquim Silva Ribeiro, Ana Bela Teixeira, Teresa Godinho

In the competitive environment of corporate business, companies are constantly looking for a competitive edge. With the development of information and communication technologies, professionals are altering their process of conducting business. A vital tool that is contributing to this competitive shift is the management control system, which provides updated information on markets, contributing to smarter decisions. Management Control Systems and Tools for Internationalization Success is an essential reference source that discusses the fundamentals, benefits, and risks of implementing internationalization strategies within a business, along with other organizational performance instruments. Featuring research on topics such as financial performance, international markets, and evaluation systems, this book is ideally designed for entrepreneurs, managers, executives, IT consultants, business professionals, marketers, researchers, students, and academicians seeking coverage on internationalization strategies within management control systems.

Business Science Reference
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