The CMO of People : Manage Employees Like Customers
Peter Navin, David Creelman

The extremely positive response to the first edition of The CMO of People from both practitioners and educators spoke of the value of fresh ideas along with specific steps on how to execute them. This second edition of Peter Navin and David Creelman's pathbreaking book, with new sections including industry leaders'insights from Nike, UKG, and DocuSign, corroborates the approach that sees the CMO of People as a business focused people function that utilizes the proven tools of the marketing function and creates a predictable and immersive employee experience that drives productivity and performance. If the human resources function in your talent-centric organization is not bringing the excitement and business impact it should, you need a new mental model that approaches getting the best from people with the same mindset marketing uses to get the best results with customers. Just as the Chief Marketing Officer curates an experience to get the best lifetime value from customers, the head of HR, the CMO of People, can curate an experience to get the best lifetime value from employees. This unique book discusses: What it takes to change the character and intensity of an organization How to run HR so that it has impact Why we need to structure the HR department differently How to find unconventional people to staff this unconventional model How to create a predictable and immersive end-to-end experience for employees How a CMO of People can overcome barriers and drive performance

De Gruyter
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