Handbook of Research on Human Capital and People Management in the Tourism Industry
Vânia Gonçalves Costa, Andreia Antunes Moura, Maria do Rosário Mira

The tourism industry is an industry of people and is directly dependent on the performance of activities, skills, professionalism, quality, and competitiveness. Approaching the perspective of people management stresses the need to humanize companies, making empowerment and commitment easier. These are key to setting “talents” and, more importantly, to encouraging these individuals to put their creative capacities to the service of the companies for which they work. Only by being collaborative internally does business gain competitive capacity in the global marketplace. This aspect is crucial in tourism in the face of strong and growing competition in the sector. Human Capital and People Management in the Tourism Industry is a crucial reference source that reveals groundbreaking human resource policies for tourism destinations, revolutionary human capital managerial business approaches in tourism, innovative tourism training perspectives, and new tourism qualification prospects. Featuring research on topics such as intellectual capital, human resource management, and financial performance, this book is ideally designed for business managers, entrepreneurs, human resource officers, industry professionals, academicians, students, and researchers.

Business Science Reference
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