Post-Pandemic Talent Management Models in Knowledge Organizations
Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Talukdar, Carmen Z. Lamagna, Charles Carillo Villanueva, Rezbin Nahar, Farheen Hassan

In today's modern business world, the dominant factor of any organization's success is human capital. Appropriately acquiring and managing talented staff is crucial to the growth and development of companies and provides them with a considerable competitive advantage in the industry. Further study on the importance of talent management is required to ensure businesses are able to thrive in the present environment. Post-Pandemic Talent Management Models in Knowledge Organizations discusses strategic human resource management and the talent management of post-modern knowledge-based organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic paradigm. Covering critical topics such as organizational performance and creative work behavior, this major reference work is ideal for managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers, scholars, instructors, and students.

Business Science Reference
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