Five Generations and Only One Workforce : How Successful Businesses Are Managing a Multigenerational Workforce
Information Resources Management Association

Due to more individuals retiring at a later age, today's workforce consists of five generations of workers with various educational backgrounds, ages, experience levels, and skills. Managers and business owners are now faced with the challenge of providing a work space that encourages the new ideals of millennials while also balancing the needs and desires of older employees. As such, new methods and strategies of working and managing efficiency in the workplace need to be explored. Five Generations and Only One Workforce: How Successful Businesses Are Managing a Multigenerational Workforce examines pivotal issues surrounding generational differences and management in the workplace including challenges in employee engagement, project management, and training. Highlighting a range of topics such as generation gap, workforce diversity, and senior workers, this publication is an ideal reference source for business practitioners, managers, executives, professionals, human resources managers, and researchers who are seeking more information on managing a multigenerational workforce.

Business Science Reference
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