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Aman Kedia, Mayank Rasu
Hands-On Python Natural Language Processing : Explore Tools and Techniques to Analyze and Process Text with a View to Building Real-world NLP Applications
Packt Publishing, 2020
Arunkumar Krishnakumar
Quantum Computing and Blockchain in Business : Exploring the Applications, Challenges, and Collision of Quantum Computing and Blockchain
Packt Publishing, 2020
Chiheb Chebbi
Mastering Machine Learning for Penetration Testing : Develop an Extensive Skill Set to Break Self-learning Systems Using Python
Packt Publishing, 2018
Cory Lesmeister
Mastering Machine Learning with R : Advanced Machine Learning Techniques for Building Smart Applications with R 3.5
Packt Publishing, 2019
Eyal Wirsansky
Hands-On Genetic Algorithms with Python : Applying Genetic Algorithms to Solve Real-world Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Problems
Packt Publishing, 2020
García Márquez, Fausto Pedro, IGI Global
Handbook of Research on Big Data Clustering and Machine Learning
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Gebrail Bekdaş, Sinan Melih Nigdeli, Melda Yücel
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Civil, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering
Engineering Science Reference, 2019
Giuseppe Bonaccorso
Machine Learning Algorithms : Popular Algorithms for Data Science and Machine Learning, 2nd Edition
Packt Publishing, 2018
Information Resources Management Association
Deep Learning and Neural Networks : Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
J. Joshua Thomas, Pinar Karagoz, B. Bazeer Ahamed, Pandian Vasant
Deep Learning Techniques and Optimization Strategies in Big Data Analytics
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Jesus Salcedo
Machine Learning for Data Mining : Improve Your Data Mining Capabilities with Advanced Predictive Modeling
Packt Publishing, 2019
João M.F. Rodrigues, Pedro J.S. Cardoso, Jânio Monteiro, Célia M.Q. Ramos
Smart Systems Design, Applications, and Challenges
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Kalaivani Anbarasan
AI Innovation in Medical Imaging Diagnostics
Medical Information Science Reference, 2020
Karthik, S.
Deep Learning Innovations and Their Convergence With Big Data
Information Science Reference, 2018
Krishnendu Kar
Mastering Computer Vision with TensorFlow 2.x : Build Advanced Computer Vision Applications Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques
Packt Publishing, 2020
Micheal Lanham
Hands-On Reinforcement Learning for Games : Implementing Self-learning Agents in Games Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Packt Publishing, 2020
Moein, Sara
Electrocardiogram Signal Classification and Machine Learning : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Medical Information Science Reference, 2018
Mohit Dua, Ankit Kumar Jain
Handbook of Research on Machine Learning Techniques for Pattern Recognition and Information Security
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Paul, Sudip, Bhattacharya, Pallab, Bit, Arindam
Early Detection of Neurological Disorders Using Machine Learning Systems
Medical Information Science Reference, 2019
Rahul Kumar
Machine Learning Quick Reference : Quick and Essential Machine Learning Hacks for Training Smart Data Models
Packt Publishing, 2019
Ramgopal Kashyap, A.V. Senthil Kumar
Challenges and Applications for Implementing Machine Learning in Computer Vision
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Saifullah Khalid
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Engineering
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Sarfraz, Muhammad
Critical Approaches to Information Retrieval Research
Information Science Reference, 2020
Shouvik Chakraborty, Kalyani Mali
Applications of Advanced Machine Intelligence in Computer Vision and Object Recognition : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
V. Sathiyamoorthi, Atilla Elci
Challenges and Applications of Data Analytics in Social Perspectives
Engineering Science Reference, 2021
Vinay Kulkarni, Sreedhar Reddy, Tony Clark, Balbir S. Barn
Advanced Digital Architectures for Model-Driven Adaptive Enterprises
Business Science Reference, 2020
Vishnu Pendyala
Tools and Techniques for Software Development in Large Organizations : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Yuxi (Hayden) Liu
Python Machine Learning By Example : Implement Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems
Packt Publishing, 2019
Zeynep Altan
Applications and Approaches to Object-Oriented Software Design : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Engineering Science Reference, 2020