Tools and Techniques for Software Development in Large Organizations : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Vishnu Pendyala

The development of software has expanded substantially in recent years. As these technologies continue to advance, well-known organizations have begun implementing these programs into the ways they conduct business. These large companies play a vital role in the economic environment, so understanding the software that they utilize is pertinent in many aspects. Researching and analyzing the tools that these corporations use will assist in the practice of software engineering and give other organizations an outline of how to successfully implement their own computational methods. Tools and Techniques for Software Development in Large Organizations: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential reference source that discusses advanced software methods that prominent companies have adopted to develop high quality products. This book will examine the various devices that organizations such as Google, Cisco, and Facebook have implemented into their production and development processes. Featuring research on topics such as database management, quality assurance, and machine learning, this book is ideally designed for software engineers, data scientists, developers, programmers, professors, researchers, and students seeking coverage on the advancement of software devices in today's major corporations.

Engineering Science Reference
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