Early Detection of Neurological Disorders Using Machine Learning Systems
Paul, Sudip, Bhattacharya, Pallab, Bit, Arindam

While doctors and physicians are more than capable of detecting diseases of the brain, the most agile human mind cannot compete with the processing power of modern technology. Utilizing algorithmic systems in healthcare in this way may provide a way to treat neurological diseases before they happen. Early Detection of Neurological Disorders Using Machine Learning Systems provides innovative insights into implementing smart systems to detect neurological diseases at a faster rate than by normal means. The topics included in this book are artificial intelligence, data analysis, and biomedical informatics. It is designed for clinicians, doctors, neurologists, physiotherapists, neurorehabilitation specialists, scholars, academics, and students interested in topics centered on biomedical engineering, bio-electronics, medical electronics, physiology, neurosciences, life sciences, and physics.

Medical Information Science Reference
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