Applications of Advanced Machine Intelligence in Computer Vision and Object Recognition : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Shouvik Chakraborty, Kalyani Mali

Computer vision and object recognition are two technological methods that are frequently used in various professional disciplines. In order to maintain high levels of quality and accuracy of services in these sectors, continuous enhancements and improvements are needed. The implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning has assisted in the development of digital imaging, yet proper research on the applications of these advancing technologies is lacking. Applications of Advanced Machine Intelligence in Computer Vision and Object Recognition: Emerging Research and Opportunities explores the theoretical and practical aspects of modern advancements in digital image analysis and object detection as well as its applications within healthcare, security, and engineering fields. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as disease detection, adaptive learning, and automated image segmentation, this book is ideally designed for engineers, physicians, researchers, academicians, practitioners, scientists, industry professionals, scholars, and students seeking research on the current developments in object recognition using artificial intelligence.

Engineering Science Reference
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