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Data, Informatics and Technology: An Inspiration for Improved Healthcare
IOS Press, 2018
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Telehealth Innovations in Remote Healthcare Services Delivery : Global Telehealth 2020
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Ecological Public Health for Nursing and Health Professionals in the Anthropocene
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Anastasius Moumtzoglou
Quality of Healthcare in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Improving Usability, Safety and Patient Outcomes with Health Information Technology : From Research to Practice
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Healthcare of the Future : Bridging the Information Gap
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China and the Globalization of Biomedicine
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Geopolitics in Health : Confronting Obesity, AIDS, and Tuberculosis in the Emerging BRICS Economies
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018
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Historical and Epidemiological Analyses on the Impact of Infectious Disease on Society
Medical Information Science Reference, 2022
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New Insights into HIV/AIDS for Students and Healthcare Professionals
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Gülşah Sarı
Handbook of Research on Representing Health and Medicine in Modern Media
Information Science Reference, 2021
Hannah L. F. Cooper, Mindy Thompson Fullilove
From Enforcers to Guardians : A Public Health Primer on Ending Police Violence
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020
IGI Global, Information Resources Management Association
Public Health and Welfare : Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Information Science Reference, 2017
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The Promising Future of Public Health
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
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Applying the FAIR Principles to Accelerate Health Research in Europe in the Post COVID-19 Era : Proceedings of the 2021 EFMI Special Topic Conference
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Informatics Empowers Healthcare Transformation
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Informatics and Technology in Clinical Care and Public Health
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The Importance of Health Informatics in Public Health During a Pandemic
IOS Press, 2020
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Health Information Management: Empowering Public Health
IOS Press, 2020
Jennifer Cole
Planetary Health : Human Health in an Era of Global Environmental Change
CAB International, 2019
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Healthy Buildings : How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity
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Fundamental Statistical Methods for Analysis of Alzheimer's and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020
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Handbook of Research on Global Environmental Changes and Human Health
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Impact of Textile Dyes on Public Health and the Environment
Information Science Reference, 2020
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Teaching Public Health
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019
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Handbook of Research on Pathophysiology and Strategies for the Management of COVID-19
Medical Information Science Reference, 2022
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Environmental Exposures and Human Health Challenges
Medical Information Science Reference, 2019
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Outbreak Culture : The Ebola Crisis and the Next Epidemic
Harvard University Press, 2018
Pardis Sabeti, Lara Salahi
Outbreak Culture : The Ebola Crisis and the Next Epidemic, With a New Preface and Epilogue
Harvard University Press, 2021
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Curriculum Development for Medical Education : A Six-Step Approach
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
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Informatics for Health: Connected Citizen-Led Wellness and Population Health
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Health Literacy in Clinical Practice and Public Health : New Initiatives and Lessons Learned at the Intersection with Other Disciplines
IOS Press, 2020
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Mosquitoes of the World
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
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Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery: Volume Two
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Health Informatics Meets EHealth : Biomedical Meets EHealth – From Sensors to Decisions. Proceedings of the 12th EHealth Conference
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Assessing the Effects of Emerging Plastics on the Environment and Public Health
Engineering Science Reference, 2022
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Healthcare of the Future 2022 : Digital Health – From Vision to Best Practice!
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Accident and Emergency Informatics
IOS Press, 2022
Thierry Oscar Edoh
Advanced Systems for Improved Public Healthcare and Disease Prevention : Emerging Research and Opportunities
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Modern Epidemiology
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Handbook of Research on Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Plastic Pollution
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Superbugs : An Arms Race Against Bacteria
Harvard University Press, 2018