Handbook of Research on Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Plastic Pollution
Wani, Khursheed Ahmad, Ariana, Lutfah, Zuber, S. M.

Due to the non-biodegradability of plastic substances, coupled with poor waste management practices, plastic pollution has become a major environmental issue within the past decade. However, the negative effects of plastic pollution are rarely opposed, or the solutions proposed are costly or still damaging to the environment. New strategies must be undertaken to prevent irreparable environmental damage from disposable plastic products while maintaining and maximizing the benefits of plastics in specialized cases, such as medicine and public health. The Handbook of Research on Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Plastic Pollution is a collection of innovative research that assesses the negative impacts of plastic on the environment, human health, and ecosystems, and explores biotechnological approaches to solve plastic pollution. While highlighting topics including medical wastes, biodegradability, and phthalate exposure, this publication intends to provide readers with the latest solutions for reducing the burden of plastic on the environment. It is ideally designed for environmentalists, policymakers, instructors, researchers, graduate-level students, industrialists, and non-governmental organization professionals seeking current research on health and ecosystem concerns from the overconsumption of plastics.

Engineering Science Reference
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