Environmental Exposures and Human Health Challenges
Paraskevi Papadopoulou, Christina Marouli, Anastasia Misseyanni

Environmental health is an area with significant developments and noteworthy challenges that expand into various disciplines: medicine and public health, sociology and communications, technology, policymaking, and legislation. Due to the massive amount of health-related issues, additional literature involving environmental health is required to improve the wellbeing of citizens worldwide. Environmental Exposures and Human Health Challenges provides interdisciplinary insights into concepts and theories related to environmental exposures and human health impacts via the air, water, soil, heavy metal exposure, and other chemical toxins. The book also addresses inequalities and environmental injustices in relation to environmental exposures and health impacts. Covering topics such as health policies, pollution effects, and heavy metal exposure, this publication is designed for public health professionals, preventive medicine specialists, clinicians, data scientists, environmentalists, academicians, practitioners, researchers, and students.

Medical Information Science Reference
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