Assessing the Effects of Emerging Plastics on the Environment and Public Health
Sung Hee Joo

Plastic pollution has been a growing concern globally, especially under the COVID-19 pandemic due to the use of personal protective equipment. While many engineers and environmental scientists have been addressing global plastic pollution, special attention must also be paid to smaller plastics such as micro- and nano-plastics. These smaller plastics pollute and affect the health of the public, environment, and marine life. Risk assessment of plastics is required to evaluate currently available treatment technologies and identify the significance of plastic pollution. Assessing the Effects of Emerging Plastics on the Environment and Public Health assesses the harmful effects of plastics on the environment and public health. It evaluates the potential risks of micro- and nano-plastics and reviews applications of modeling tools and prevention approaches using technologies to minimize plastic pollution through the development of biodegradable plastics or recycling and reusing plastics in environmentally friendly ways. Covering topics such as agroecosystems, preventive measures, and bioplastics, this book is an indispensable resource for environmentalists, environmental engineers, government officials, libraries, business leaders, students and educators of higher education, academicians, and researchers.

Engineering Science Reference
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