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Carrie Lynn Arnold
Silenced and Sidelined : How Women Leaders Find Their Voices and Break Barriers
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020
Chiara Valentini
Public Relations
De Gruyter Mouton, 2021
Dinçer, Hasan, Yuksel, Serhat
Handbook of Research on Global Issues in Financial Communication and Investment Decision Making
Business Science Reference, 2019
Éric Poirier, Editor, Daniel Gallego-Hernández, Editor
Business and Institutional Translation: New Insights and Reflections
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Jingyuan Zhao
Collaborative Convergence and Virtual Teamwork for Organizational Transformation
Business Science Reference, 2021
Jingyuan Zhao, Joseph Richards
Virtual Technologies and E-Collaboration for the Future of Global Business
Business Science Reference, 2022
José Gabriel Andrade, Teresa Ruão
Navigating Digital Communication and Challenges for Organizations
Business Science Reference, 2022
Joshua Sperber
Consumer Management in the Internet Age : How Customers Became Managers in the Modern Workplace
Lexington Books, 2019
Laurie Lewis
The Power of Strategic Listening
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2019
María Dolores Olvera-Lobo, Juncal Gutiérrez-Artacho, Irene Rivera-Trigueros, Mar Díaz-Millón
Innovative Perspectives on Corporate Communication in the Global World
Business Science Reference, 2021
Mehmet Serdar Erciş, Editor, Enes Emre Başar, Editor
New Communication Approaches in the Digitalized World
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Michael A. Brown Sr
Analyzing Telework, Trustworthiness, and Performance Using Leader-Member Exchange : COVID-19 Perspective
Business Science Reference, 2022
Rabi Narayan Kar, Editor, Kaisa Sorsa, Editor, Kusha Tiwari, Editor
Responsible Business Professionals: A Strategic Perspective of the Global Challenges
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Tunc, Aysegul Ozbebek, Aslan, Pinar
Business Management and Communication Perspectives in Industry 4.0
Business Science Reference, 2020