Collaborative Convergence and Virtual Teamwork for Organizational Transformation
Jingyuan Zhao

Virtual teams are work arrangements where team members are geographically dispersed and work interdependently using electronic communication media to accomplish one or more organizational tasks. Over the past several decades, there has been an explosive growth in organizational use of virtual teams to organize work. In the competitive market, virtual teams represent a growing response to the need for faster time to market, low cost, and rapid solutions to complex organizational problems. Organizations are increasingly investing in virtual teams to enhance their performance and competitiveness. However, there are unsolved issues of design and implementation of collaboration technologies for virtual teams and their collaborative convergence. Collaborative Convergence and Virtual Teamwork for Organizational Transformation is an innovative collection of research that analyzes and discusses successful organizational transformation that requires a holistic understanding of the issues linked to team and workplaces, communication and integration, technological barriers, and sociocultural factors. The chapters highlight topics such as collaboration technologies in virtual teamwork, collaboration technologies'impact on organizational transformation, as well as web-based tools, collaborative learning tools, group decision support systems, workflow automation systems, and more. This book is ideally intended for business professionals, managers and practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students looking for the latest research in virtual teamwork and its impact on organizational transformation.

Business Science Reference
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