Navigating Digital Communication and Challenges for Organizations
José Gabriel Andrade, Teresa Ruão

Public involvement has the power to promote an active circulation of media content and can generate economic and cultural value for organizations. The current perspectives on interactions between audiences, organizations, and content production suggests a relational logic between audiences and media through new productivity proposals. In this sense, it is interesting to observe the reasoning of audience experience through the concepts of interactivity and participation. However, there is a gap between the intentions of communication professionals and their organizations and the effective circulation and content retention among the audiences of interest, as well as the distinction between informing and communicating. Navigating Digital Communication and Challenges for Organizations discusses communication research with a focus on organizational communication that includes a range of methods, strategies, and viewpoints on digital communication. Covering a range of topics such as internal communication and public relations, this reference work is ideal for researchers, academicians, policymakers, business owners, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Business Science Reference
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