Responsible Business Professionals: A Strategic Perspective of the Global Challenges
Rabi Narayan Kar, Editor, Kaisa Sorsa, Editor, Kusha Tiwari, Editor

This collection of essays explores contemporary reflections on responsible business knowledge and proactive management competences for the growing bilateral trade between India and other countries in the global context. It offers discussions on how responsible business professionals (RBPs) from multinational enterprises (MNEs) play a crucial role in creating the responsible infrastructure of a business ecosystem. The book also delves into business ecosystems, the development of responsible leadership, and managing cross-cultural communication. It represents a significant intervention in underlining the ethical, moral, environmental, social and individual practices that enhance the human accountability of business. Specific chapters are devoted to the complementary features of responsible business professionals and their tactical management endeavours. Essays on the understanding of business commitments and co-operation between India and European institutions and professionals in order to create a spillover impact for local and global markets give this volume rich thematic diversity. The collection will be of specific interest to academic critics, researchers, industry experts, and students, and will also contribute towards the development of state-of-the-art literature on responsible business professionals and practices.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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