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D. Satish Kumar, G. Prabhakar, R. Anand
Handbook of Research on Design, Deployment, Automation, and Testing Strategies for 6G Mobile Core Network
Engineering Science Reference, 2022
Davey Gibian
Hacking Artificial Intelligence : A Leader's Guide From Deepfakes to Breaking Deep Learning
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2022
Information Resources Management Association
Research Anthology on Developing and Optimizing 5G Networks and the Impact on Society
Information Science Reference, 2020
Jenna Ng
The Post-Screen Through Virtual Reality, Holograms and Light Projections : Where Screen Boundaries Lie
Amsterdam University Press, 2021
Manuel Fernández-Sande, Editor, J. Ignacio Gallego, Editor, Nieves Limón, Editor
Trends in Radio Research: Diversity, Innovation and Policies
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Marcel Ohanga Odhiambo, Weston Mwashita
Achieving Full Realization and Mitigating the Challenges of the Internet of Things
Engineering Science Reference, 2022
Michael Nielsen
Reinventing Discovery : The New Era of Networked Science
Princeton University Press, 2020
Shun-Ping Chen, Author
Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technologies
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Trudy Milburn
Communicating User Experience : Applying Local Strategies Research to Digital Media Design
Lexington Books, 2015
Yuri Choni, Author
Selected Topics on Antenna Synthesis: The Unity of Mathematical Formalisms and Technical Sense
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020