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Alberto Artasanchez, Prateek Joshi
Artificial Intelligence with Python : Your Complete Guide to Building Intelligent Apps Using Python 3.x, 2nd Edition
Packt Publishing, 2020
Alvaro Morena Alberola, Gonzalo Molina Gallego, Unai Garay Maestre
Artificial Vision and Language Processing for Robotics : Create End-to-end Systems That Can Power Robots with Artificial Vision and Deep Learning Techniques
Packt Publishing, 2019
Aman Kedia, Mayank Rasu
Hands-On Python Natural Language Processing : Explore Tools and Techniques to Analyze and Process Text with a View to Building Real-world NLP Applications
Packt Publishing, 2020
Amita Kapoor
Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoT : Expert Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Developing Smarter IoT Systems
Packt Publishing, 2019
Amita Kapoor, Antonio Gulli, Sujit Pal, Francois Chollet
Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras : Build and Deploy Supervised, Unsupervised, Deep, and Reinforcement Learning Models
Packt Publishing, 2022
Anand Nayyar, Sandeep Kumar, Akshat Agrawal
Applications of Computational Science in Artificial Intelligence
Engineering Science Reference, 2022
Bhargav Srinivasa-Desikan
Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics : A Practical Guide to Text Analysis with Python, Gensim, SpaCy, and Keras
Packt Publishing, 2018
Brian Lennon
Passwords : Philology, Security, Authentication
Belknap Press, 2018
Buga, Duyga, Ogeyik, Muhlise Cosgun
Psycholinguistics and Cognition in Language Processing
Information Science Reference, 2018
Denis Rothman, Antonio Gulli
Transformers for Natural Language Processing : Build, Train, and Fine-tune Deep Neural Network Architectures for NLP with Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, BERT, and GPT-3
Packt Publishing, 2022
Elke Diedrichsen, Editor, Brian Nolan, Editor
Linguistic Perspectives on the Construction of Meaning and Knowledge
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Information Resources Management Association
Natural Language Processing : Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Engineering Science Reference, 2019
Leonardo De Marchi, Laura Mitchell
Hands-On Neural Networks : Learn How to Build and Train Your First Neural Network Model Using Python
Packt Publishing, 2019
Nirant Kasliwal
Natural Language Processing with Python Quick Start Guide : Going From a Python Developer to an Effective Natural Language Processing Engineer
Packt Publishing, 2018
Poonam Tanwar, Arti Saxena, C. Priya
Deep Natural Language Processing and AI Applications for Industry 5.0
Engineering Science Reference, 2021
Richard M. Reese, AshishSingh Bhatia
Natural Language Processing with Java : Techniques for Building Machine Learning and Neural Network Models for NLP, 2nd Edition
Packt Publishing, 2018
Sebastian Raschka, Vahid Mirjalili
Python Machine Learning : Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Python, Scikit-learn, and TensorFlow 2, 3rd Edition
Packt Publishing, 2019
Sohom Ghosh, Dwight Gunning
Natural Language Processing Fundamentals : Build Intelligent Applications That Can Interpret the Human Language to Deliver Impactful Results
Packt Publishing, 2019
Sumathi S., Janani M.
Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Takashi Ogata
Toward an Integrated Approach to Narrative Generation : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Information Science Reference, 2020