Transformers for Natural Language Processing : Build, Train, and Fine-tune Deep Neural Network Architectures for NLP with Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, BERT, and GPT-3
Denis Rothman, Antonio Gulli

OpenAI's GPT-3 and Hugging Face transformers for language tasks in one book. Plus, get a taste of the future of transformers, including computer vision tasks and code writing and assistance with Codex and GitHub CopilotKey FeaturesPretrain a BERT-based model from scratch using Hugging FaceFine-tune powerful transformer models, including OpenAI's GPT-3, to learn the logic of your dataPerform root cause analysis on hard NLP problemsBook DescriptionTransformers are...well...transforming the world of AI. There are many platforms and models out there, but which ones best suit your needs?Transformers for Natural Language Processing, 2nd Edition, guides you through the world of transformers, highlighting the strengths of different models and platforms, while teaching you the problem-solving skills you need to tackle model weaknesses.You'll use Hugging Face to pretrain a RoBERTa model from scratch, from building the dataset to defining the data collator to training the model.If you're looking to fine-tune a pretrained model, including GPT-3, then Transformers for Natural Language Processing, 2nd Edition, shows you how with step-by-step guides.The book investigates machine translations, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, question-answering, and many more NLP tasks. It provides techniques to solve hard language problems and may even help with fake news anxiety (read chapter 13 for more details).You'll see how cutting-edge platforms, such as OpenAI, have taken transformers beyond language into computer vision tasks and code creation using Codex.By the end of this book, you'll know how transformers work and how to implement them and resolve issues like an AI detective!What you will learnFind out how ViT and CLIP label images (including blurry ones!) and create images from a sentence using DALL-EDiscover new techniques to investigate complex language problemsCompare and contrast the results of GPT-3 against T5, GPT-2, and BERT-based transformersCarry out sentiment analysis, text summarization, casual speech analysis, machine translations, and more using TensorFlow, PyTorch, and GPT-3Measure the productivity of key transformers to define their scope, potential, and limits in productionWho this book is forIf you want to learn about and apply transformers to your natural language (and image) data, this book is for you.You'll need a good understanding of Python and deep learning and a basic understanding of NLP to benefit most from this book. Many platforms covered in this book provide interactive user interfaces, which allow readers with a general interest in NLP and AI to follow several chapters. And, don't worry if you get stuck or have questions; this book gives you direct access to our AI/ML community and author, Denis Rothman. So, he'll be there to guide you on your transformers journey!

Packt Publishing
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