Deep Natural Language Processing and AI Applications for Industry 5.0
Poonam Tanwar, Arti Saxena, C. Priya

To sustain and stay at the top of the market and give absolute comfort to the consumers, industries are using different strategies and technologies. Natural language processing (NLP) is a technology widely penetrating the market, irrespective of the industry and domains. It is extensively applied in businesses today, and it is the buzzword in every engineer's life. NLP can be implemented in all those areas where artificial intelligence is applicable either by simplifying the communication process or by refining and analyzing information. Neural machine translation has improved the imitation of professional translations over the years. When applied in neural machine translation, NLP helps educate neural machine networks. This can be used by industries to translate low-impact content including emails, regulatory texts, etc. Such machine translation tools speed up communication with partners while enriching other business interactions. Deep Natural Language Processing and AI Applications for Industry 5.0 provides innovative research on the latest findings, ideas, and applications in fields of interest that fall under the scope of NLP including computational linguistics, deep NLP, web analysis, sentiments analysis for business, and industry perspective. This book covers a wide range of topics such as deep learning, deepfakes, text mining, blockchain technology, and more, making it a crucial text for anyone interested in NLP and artificial intelligence, including academicians, researchers, professionals, industry experts, business analysts, data scientists, data analysts, healthcare system designers, intelligent system designers, practitioners, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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