Applications of Computational Science in Artificial Intelligence
Anand Nayyar, Sandeep Kumar, Akshat Agrawal

Computational science, in collaboration with engineering, acts as a bridge between hypothesis and experimentation. It is essential to use computational methods and their applications in order to automate processes as many major industries rely on advanced modeling and simulation. Computational science is inherently interdisciplinary and can be used to identify and evaluate complicated systems, foresee their performance, and enhance procedures and strategies. Applications of Computational Science in Artificial Intelligence delivers technological solutions to improve smart technologies architecture, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. It also provides background on key aspects such as computational solutions, computation framework, smart prediction, and healthcare solutions. Covering a range of topics such as high-performance computing and software infrastructure, this reference work is ideal for software engineers, practitioners, researchers, scholars, academicians, instructors, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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