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Agile Approaches for Successfully Managing and Executing Projects in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Business Science Reference, 2019
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Competitive Drivers for Improving Future Business Performance
Business Science Reference, 2021
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Cases on Performance Improvement Innovation
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Handbook of Research on the Strategic Management of Family Businesses
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Project Risk Management : Managing Software Development Risk
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Industry 4.0 and Hyper-Customized Smart Manufacturing Supply Chains
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Handbook of Research on the Role of Human Factors in IT Project Management
Business Science Reference, 2019
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The Front-end of Large Public Projects : Paradoxes and Ways Ahead
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Ulas Akkucuk
Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chain Management in a Global Context
Business Science Reference, 2019
Vannie Naidoo, Rahul Verma
Contemporary Challenges for Agile Project Management
Business Science Reference, 2022