Handbook of Research on Emerging Technologies for Effective Project Management
Jamil, George Leal, IGI Global, Malheiro, Armando, Lopes, Sérgio Maravilhas

Driven by such tools as big data, cognitive computing, new business models, and the internet of things, the overall demand for innovation is becoming more critical for competitiveness and emerging technologies. These technologies have become real alternatives for the market and offer new perspectives for modern project management applications. The Handbook of Research on Emerging Technologies for Effective Project Management is an essential research publication that proposes innovations for firms and markets through the exploration of project management principles and methods and the effective integration of knowledge and innovation. It encompasses academic and scientific propositions, reviews for conceptual bases, applications of theories in new market solutions, and cases of successful insertion of disruptive technologies and business models in new competitive market offers. Featuring a range of topics such as innovation management, business administration, and marketing, this book is ideal for project managers, IT specialists, software developers, executives, practitioners, managers, marketers, researchers, and industry professionals.

Business Science Reference
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