Managing Enterprise Resource Planning Adoption and Business Processes: A Holistic Approach
Chuck C.H. Law, Author

The recent decades have witnessed many ERP failures attributable to a plethora of mistakes, and the author writes this book aiming to correct these malpractices concerning ERP adoption. The author presents an adoption methodology, called the Full Lifecycle ERP Adoption Reference (FLEAR) model, to promote holistic project management.Furthermore, from a holistic perspective, successful ERP adoption cannot be achieved in isolation of other business and organizational issues such as IT-business strategic alignment, IT governance, change management, and business process changes. Unlike many ERP books in the market which cover mostly technical deployment issues, this book also addresses the aforesaid business-related issues. Theoretical discussions are supported by extensive research, and practical experience drawn from North American and international contexts to benefit practitioners involved in international assignments. Thus, this book will benefit not only MIS personnel, but also non-technical business practitioners. It will also be a useful supplement for university-level MIS and business process management courses.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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