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Augusto Balloni, Raffaella Sette
Handbook of Research on Trends and Issues in Crime Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Victim Support
Information Science Reference, 2020
Beth A. Bechky
Blood, Powder, and Residue : How Crime Labs Translate Evidence Into Proof
Princeton University Press, 2021
Brian Wolf
Good Trouble : How Deviants, Criminals, Heretics, and Outsiders Have Changed the World for the Better
Lexington Books, 2019
Christopher Seeds
Death by Prison : The Emergence of Life Without Parole and Perpetual Confinement
University of California Press, 2022
Dirk Van Zyl Smit, Catherine Appleton
Life Imprisonment : A Global Human Rights Analysis
Harvard University Press, 2018
Erin Hatton
Coerced : Work Under Threat of Punishment
University of California Press, 2020
Erin Hatton
Labor and Punishment : Work in and Out of Prison
University of California Press, 2021
Hyeyoung Lim
Interpersonal Violence Against Children and Youth
Lexington Books, 2022
James B. Jacobs
The Eternal Criminal Record
Harvard University Press, 2015
James Bacigalupo, Robin Maria Valeri, Kevin Borgeson
Cyberhate : The Far Right in the Digital Age
Lexington Books, 2022
Jared Del Rosso
Denial : How We Hide, Ignore, and Explain Away Problems
NYU Press, 2022
Jenna M. Loyd, Alison Mountz
Boats, Borders, and Bases : Race, the Cold War, and the Rise of Migration Detention in the United States
University of California Press, 2018
Jennifer C. Noble
White-Collar and Financial Crimes : A Casebook of Fraudsters, Scam Artists, and Corporate Thieves
University of California Press, 2021
Johnson Oluwole Ayodele
Global Perspectives on Victimization Analysis and Prevention
Information Science Reference, 2020
Jonathan Lusthaus
Industry of Anonymity : Inside the Business of Cybercrime
Harvard University Press, 2018
Jospeter M. Mbuba
Global Perspectives in Policing and Law Enforcement
Lexington Books, 2021
Kevin F. Steinmetz
Hacked : A Radical Approach to Hacker Culture and Crime
NYU Press, 2016
Maria O'Neill, Editor, Ken Swinton, Editor
Challenges and Critiques of the EU Internal Security Strategy: Rights, Power and Security
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
Prof. Gisela Bichler
Understanding Criminal Networks : A Research Guide
University of California Press, 2019
Riaz Tejani
Law and Society Today
University of California Press, 2019
Roger C. Byrd, Harvey McCloud
Sisyphus No More : The Case for Prison Education
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020
Ronald L. Morris
The Dark Side of the Criminal Justice System : War Crimes & the Black Community, 1960-1990
Lexington Books, 2022
Shana Hertz Hattis
Justice Statistics : An Extended Look at Crime in the United States 2018
Bernan Press, 2018
Shelly Clevenger, Jordana N. Navarro
Gendering Criminology : Crime and Justice Today
University of California Press, 2021
Trevor Hoppe
Punishing Disease : HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness
University of California Press, 2018