Cyberhate : The Far Right in the Digital Age
James Bacigalupo, Robin Maria Valeri, Kevin Borgeson

Cyberhate: The Far Right in the Digital Age explores how right-wing extremists operate in cyberspace by examining their propaganda, funding, subcultures, movements, offline violence, and the ideologies that drive it. Scholars and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and professions including criminal justice, psychology, cybersecurity, religion, law, education, and terrorism studies contribute to provide an extensive analysis of the far-right online political landscape. Specific topics include laws surrounding cyberhate, propaganda, bitcoin funding, online subcultures such as the manosphere, theories that explain why some take the path of violence, and specific movements including the alt-right and the terroristic Atomwaffen Division. Relying on manifestos and other correspondence posted online by recent perpetrators of mass murder, this book focuses on specific groups, individuals, and acts of violence to explain how concepts like “white genocide” and incel ideology have motivated recent deadly violence.

Lexington Books
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